Scala-Pact is a library for generating Consumer Driven Contract files in Scala projects following the PACT standard using ScalaTest. Includes supporting tools that use Pact files to verify and stub services.

Scala-Pact is intended for Scala developers who are looking for a better way to manage the HTTP contracts between their services.

Source code

The source for Scala-Pact can be found on github.


Scala-Pact is not an original idea - this project would never have happened without those who came before us:

  1. DiUS
  2. Pact Foundation
  3. Thoughtworks / Ian Robinson / Martin Fowler

It would also not have been possible to get the project to it’s current state without the efforts of the people who have contributed to it. Either as code contributors (see the change log for details), idea generators / critics, or as fearless testers using it on production systems even though they should know better.

Change Log

Updates and information about changes made between releases can be found in the change log.


The intended roadmap for the planned work on the project.


Scala-Pact is free to use under the ITV OSS licence, more information can be found in the licence file.

Example projects

Fully working, albeit simple, example projects have been setup in the example folder.

Pact Compliance

Scala-Pact is now fully compliant with version 2 of the official pact specification.


All contributions are very welcome and appreciated, please see our contributing guide for details of how to get involved.


Scala-Pact is principally maintained by davesmith00000, please get in touch if you require support, wish to report an issue or would like to help out.

The source code for this page can be found here.